Nanboya 在萬隆開設第四家印度尼西亞分店!

Valuence Group 為我們所有的利益相關者提供改變生活的價值,鼓勵世界上的每個人做真實的自己。 Valuence Group 旗下公司 Valuence International Limited(中華人民共和國香港特別行政區;代表董事兼總裁 Susumu Muguruma)宣布,奢侈品牌商品採購業務 Nanboya 已於 2021 年 6 月 1 日開設了 Nanboya 萬隆中央樞紐辦公室,該品牌在印度尼西亞的第四家分店。

Luxury brand item buying business Nanboya continues to open new offices outside of Japan. Since the August 2020 opening of its first Indonesian location in the capital of Jakarta, Allu has been building its office footprint in the country. Now, Nanboya Bandung Central Hub Office is the fourth office in Indonesia, located in the city of Bandung. Indonesia is not only home to a newly booming population among the wealthy and middle classes, but the nation is also shifting from a production hub to a consumer market. Allu believes these demographics offer high affinity with the reuse business and with bringing unused items to their next owners.

■ 收購店概覽

Nanboya Bandung Central Hub Office has opened in the heart of the city of Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province. At high altitude, Bandung is a popular retreat from the heat year-round thanks to cooler temperatures. Not only do many wealthy people live in the city, but the city is also home to universities, cafes, and shopping areas, which attract a great number of visitors on weekends. As with other offices, Allu will use Instagram and other PR channels to attract customers.

• 辦公室名稱:Nanboya Bandung Central Hub Office
• 盛大開幕:2021 年 6 月 1 日,星期二
• 營業時間:週一至週五,上午 10:00 至下午 6:00(當地時間)。
• 地址:Suite 107, Office & Beyond, Jl Cimanuk No 6, Bandung 40115, West Java, Indonesia
• 合格物品:手錶、包袋、珠寶、配飾
• 語言支持:印尼語、英語
• 臉書 : (@南博雅.id)
• Instagram: (@南博雅.id)

Valuence International Limited
• 成立時間:2008 年 11 月 19 日(集團成立時間:2015 年 9 月)
• 代表董事兼總裁:Susumu Muguruma
• 總公司:香港九龍尖沙咀山活道38號彌敦山7樓及8樓
• 業務線:奢侈品牌商品、貴金屬、寶石等的購銷。

• 證券代碼:9270
• 成立時間:2011 年 12 月 28 日
•代表董事:Shinsuke Sakimoto
• 總公司:東京都港區港南 1-2-70 品川季節露台 28F,108-0075
• 業務線:進行集團業務管理和支持、戰略規劃和其他職能,以實現企業價值最大化
*Valuence International 是 Valuence Holdings Inc. 的集團公司(證券代碼:TSE Mothers 9270)

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