Assisting Corona-Hit Companies by Accepting Employees Companies Are Struggling to Keep on Their Book

Announcing a Partnership with B2B Service TSUNAGuu

Based on the goal of encouraging each of them to live in a way that is true to themselves, Valuence Holdings Inc. (Tokyo; Shinsuke Sakimoto, representative director and president) offers life-changing value tailored to all our stakeholders. The company recently teamed with TSUNAGuu, a service that connects companies facing difficulty in keeping employees on the payroll due to the impact of COVID-19, with companies looking to take on these employees. The partners began welcoming applications on Monday, May 25.
Helping People Meet Challenges by Tasking Them with the Growth of the Valuence Group

Measures to halt the spread of COVID-19 have forced companies to scale back operations and citizens to minimize reasons to leave their homes. The longer these measures stay in place, the greater the risk of far-reaching and serious impacts on companies. As the outlook grows increasingly unclear, firms in various sectors and industries are finding it difficult to maintain the employment of their personnel.
The Valuence Group continues to recruit talent with a view to achieving further growth in the post-corona world. We’ve joined hands with TSUNAGuu, a B2B service that links companies struggling to keep their employees on the payroll with companies that have positions for such employees.
Through this partnership with TSUNAGuu, we plan to take a flexible approach to recruitment, taking into account both the circumstances of companies looking for new employers for their personnel and the goals of the individuals concerned.

Overview of recruitment criteria
Buying office for brand-name goods: Nanboya

Timing of hiring: Anytime
Receipt of applications: Starting Friday, May 22, 2020
Roles available: Positions for in-store buyers and other personnel at buying offices
Employment status: Regular employee
Targets: Individuals from companies facing difficulty providing continued employment due to COVID-19
Place of work: A buying office near your home (for in-store buyers)
Application form:
*Hiring decisions are based on the Valuence Group’s selection process.
*For more information on working conditions, please contact to inquire.

About TSUNAGuu

TSUNAGuu was launched in April 2020 as a service connecting individuals and corporations to provide support to individuals and corporations active in the food industry, including restaurants, agriculture, and wholesale, compelled to downsize or shut down temporarily due to the state of emergency imposed in response to COVID-19. The support offered includes inventory purchases, equity investment, and subsidies. Since May 2020, the service has expanded to encompass support for employment.
Official website:

About the Valuence Group

The Valuence Group is a “reuse-tech” (reuse and technology) company that designs lifestyles fusing the digital and physical worlds to enable everyone around the world to live true to themselves. Our core area of operations involves promoting the reuse of brand-name goods, antiques, artworks, and other articles.
• Our mainstay reuse business involves purchasing brand-name items including watches and handbags, as well as jewelry, precious metals, antiques, and artworks that customers no longer want, making it possible to pass these valuables on to the next person that needs them.
• Articles are purchased in store—for example, at one of the Group’s buying offices (Nanboya: Some 80 such offices operate nationwide. Articles can also be picked up from customer homes, whether by express delivery companies or by our own personnel.
• Purchased goods are then sold at B2B auctions that we organize. Attracting buyers from both home and abroad, these auctions are among the largest in Japan.
• We’re currently expanding our operations worldwide—not just in Asia, but in the US, Europe, and other countries and regions.

Valuence Holdings Inc. (
・ Securities Code: 9270
・ Established: December 28, 2011
・ Representative Director and President: Shinsuke Sakimoto
・ Head Office: Shinagawa Season Terrace. 28F, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・ Business Lines: Group business management and support, strategic planning, and other functions maximizing corporate value

AmandA Inc. ( (operator of TSUNAGuu)
・ Established: March 2020
・ Representative: Hiroto Ishii
・ Head Office: 1-15-15 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka
・ Business Lines: IT platform production/operation, business succession, M&A consulting

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