Enjoy the excellency in luxury goods buying services and privacy-friendly experiences with Allu. Ranked as No.1 in Japan for customer satisfaction, we are confident in delivering trustworthy buying experiences with excellent prices, along with free online product assessment and offering private purchase room for our customers.

At Allu, our team engages with our customers professionally by providing free & timely online appraisal on your luxury goods. Customers can get a quote from us within 24 hours through Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Our detailed-oriented assessment on the luxury goods including watches, handbags, gold, jewelry & diamond, ensures items’ every detail are valued and highlighted, in pursuance of offering excellent purchase price.

Welcome to reach us through social media to get a free online quote or visit our Allu store to sell out immediately, even without booking.

No.1 in Japan
for Customer Satisfaction

We work very hard to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We are ranked first in Japan for customer satisfaction because of our hospitality, service and easy selling steps.

Get a quote
Within 24 Hours

If you decide to use any of our remote assessment services, you will get your valuation within a day. You can do it via Whatsapp, email or send us your items free of charge.

Value every
single detail

We are committed to offering the most accurate valuation of your luxury items. Our experts will do a thorough examination and give you the best possible offer.

purchase room

Our purchase rooms are designed to offer you a peaceful and very comfortable experience. Safeguarding your personal information is our priority. Find your closest store

$0 charge!

We don’t charge any assessment, delivery, or transaction fees. We offer a safe, fast and easy way of selling your pre-loved luxury items. Learn more about our services



Visit our Allu store to enjoy private and professional selling experiences. Our inherent understanding of clients’ needs concluded to simple but precise assessment steps inside privacy-friendly purchase rooms.


“Allu in-home service” allows you to sell at home freely and easily! Appraisal outside the door is OK, convenient and fast. The transaction can complete in as little as 15 minutes!

Shipping & Pickup

Enjoy Japanese assessment entirely at home without any shipping fees but under insurance coverage. There are no delivery fees required for returning goods to satisfy your needs if turning down the offer.

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