Nanboya Opens Second Buying Office in Singapore

The Valuence Group offers life-changing value tailored to all stakeholders, encouraging every person in the world to live true to yourself. Valuence Group company Valuence International Singapore (Singapore; Antonio Lei, representative) today announced the March 18, 2021 grand opening of Nanboya Orchard, the second buying office of the luxury brand goods buying business in Singapore.

Valuence International Singapore成立于2019年12月,于2020年9月在南博雅中国城开设了第一家办事处。 在新加坡,再利用业务的理念已经很成熟。在这里,该公司基于这样的信念开展了一项业务,即通过强调与客户对话的客户服务为各种购买类别提供服务。在整个销售过程中,客户已经开始欣赏轻松的沙龙式办公室和礼貌的客户服务。
The second Nanboya office in Singapore, Nanboya Orchard, is located within 111 Somerset, a shopping mall next to the Somerset Station. The station is situated squarely between Orchard Road, Singapore’s leading shopping district, and a high-end residential district. Through this second office in Singapore, Allu will continue to offer Japanese-style customer service in the rapidly growing Singapore market, while helping create a circular society.


Allu Orchard is located in 111 Somerset, a shopping mall situated in a high-rise commercial building and shopping mall in Orchard. The office is near a public transport station, offering convenient access. Next to the escalator on the second floor of the facility, Nanboya Orchard is expected to become a well-recognized entity visitors in the area. The Allu business model that provides immediate cash after purchase has been well received at other offices in Southeast Asia. The business provides a new experience for customers to sell their unwanted items while using the newly raised cash for other shopping.

• Office name: Nanboya Orchard
• 盛大开幕:2021 年 3 月 18 日
• 地点:111 Somerset Road Unit #02-10, 111 Somerset, Singapore 238164
• 营业时间:上午 11:00 至晚上 7:00(当地时间)
• 符合条件的商品:奢侈品牌商品(包包、手表)、珠宝、贵金属
• 支持语言:英语、普通话、粤语、马来西亚语
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